Adding or removing resources from your site such as plant and labours will help you to better organize your report.

The first thing you do when you begin Site Diary is creating a new site.

From the backoffice you are able to export a report via PDF or CSV file.

From the backoffice you are able to assign workers to a particular construction site.

Calculating the cost of your resources will allow you to have a better idea of how much is the cost of your project.

No need to go to the admin console to add new locations!

In order to speed up the reporting of repetitive event, you can duplicate any event by tapping on the “copy” button. This will automatically :

We have made it easy to navigate between events on smartphones.

You can search for any event based on its properties.

You can share events by emails on iOS, Windows and Android.

Site Diary has made it easy for you to add people on your team. You can add as many people as possible by following these simple steps.

By using a timesheet app, you will be able to better record and track the number of hours each worker spent on the construction site.