Site Diary construction report app mobile app date and hour field

Joe: I would like to use Site Diary to track the working hours and the time spend on a particular task. Something like a timesheet app.

Site Diary: Did you know Joe that by using global resources you can have this timesheet feature?

Joe: Really? With this current Site Diary? Can you show me how?

Site Diary: Yes Joe! With this current Site Diary you have a timesheet feature.

  • First thing you will need to do is to login to your back office.
  • Click on the “Global resources” module
  • Click the “Details” row. Note*: Details also means tag.
  • Click the green “Add detail” button
  • Give the detail a name like “Daily Working Hours” and click “Add”
  • After click the “Sites” module
  • Select a site to add your new “Daily Working Hours” detail
  • Click on the “details” row on the left side of the screen
  • Select the detail you want to add (in this case its “Daily Working Hours”) and click “Save changes”

Site Diary: Now when Brad finish working each day, all he will need to do is to:

  • login to his account on the mobile app
  • Create a new event
  • On the “Date & Time” row, in the duration section put how long he worked (8h30)
  • Only fill in information for (Contractor, Title (working hours), Location, Details (Daily Working Hours))
  • Click save

From the back office Joe, you will then see this event he recorded and approve the event

Joe: This is awesome! I never thought about using the app like this. What if Brad and my other workers submitted many events throughout the day and week, I will get confused to find his working hours.

Site Diary: No worries Joe, you will not get confused. If you want to see only the working hours of Brad, here is what you need to do.

  • Login to your back office
  • Select the site that Brad is working on
  • In the “Events” row, apply filters such as the Dates (from – to), Event detail (Daily Working Hours), Created by (Brad) and click the search icon

You will see all the events recorded by Brad that are time related.

Joe: This is perfect. But how can I see the total number of hours he did? Will I need to click on each event one by one and write down the hours he did? Site Diary: Well, you can do that if you want to but we don’t recommend it. A better option is to click “Export list” (orange button in the top right) and you will download a CSV file of those events. From the CSV file you can calculate the duration of all the events.

Joe: Excellent! I will try this and see how it works for me.

Site Diary: Perfect! If you need any other assistance just contact us at or visit how-to page on our website