Script&Go’s Site Diary app has release a new construction timesheet feature to help managers to better track/manage working hours and site workers to enter their times quickly on the go.

Construction timesheet apps are built to eliminate the paper process where timesheets often get lost, inaccurate times recorded and a long process to get it to payroll. Site Diary’s timesheet is quick and easy to use from either the mobile app or web app.

Site diary construction report app best Timesheet dashboard

Why use Site Diary’s Timesheet app ?

  • On every construction site there has to be a diary/daily report for which field workers record their daily activities or observations. Our timesheet is created so you can do both your daily diary and your timesheet at the same time.
  • All time recorded are synchronized in real-time so you will have less need to travel to the office to drop off your timesheets.
  • Ease of use. Just like our diary module (which over 90% of customers said they bought because of the ease of use), the timesheet module has been built even simpler and easier to use. We ensure the learning curve of this feature is minimal.

So, how does Site Diary’s construction timesheet works ?

Field/site workers enters their time on a smartphone or tablet at the end of each day.

Office teams or Site Managers will be able to see those recording in real time and either approve/ reject the times. View the times of your entire team or individuals. Finally, export timesheets in excel format and send them to payroll.

Quick look into the product - Create and manage construction timesheets

From the timesheet tab in the web app, if you are the administrator, you are able to see all the times entered by your team. You can do the following :

  • Create a new time (for either yourself or team members)
  • Edit times (either for yourself or team members)
  • Approve times (either for yourself or team members)
  • Export timesheets (excel format)

Site diary construction report app Timesheet dashboard

Creating a new time stamp with the web app

  • Click the “+” icon on the date you would like to register a time for
  • Fill in the necessary information and click “OK”

Site diary construction report app best Add new timesheet

Creating a new time stamp with the mobile app

  • Click on the timesheet module
  • Click on the site your working
  • Click the (+) icon to add a new time
  • Fill in all the necessary information
  • Click the “check” icon to save

Site diary construction report app best Timesheet mobile

Exporting timesheets (Excel format)

To export timesheets just login in the web app and follow these step :

  • Click on Timesheet tab
  • Click on Export
  • Choose for which period and click the download button. You can also choose one of the quick filters by week, month, year or last year.

Site diary construction report app best Export timesheet

Your next step

There are obvious benefits to use a timesheet app instead of paper. Hopefully, by this you are convinced that Site Diary’s timesheet app is a good fit for your work process. If yes or no, I still would like to invite you to give our timesheet app a try. Sign up for your 30-day free trial at

Or if you have any questions, send in a request at