Script&Go has released a new feature for their Site Diary app to calculate the cost of project resource expenditure.

The ability to effectively calculate the cost of resources plays and important role in controlling construction projects and their scheduling.

This new Site Diary cost calculation feature aims to provide accurate details to owners and construction managers about where and how they are allocating their financial resources. It provides an intuitive and effortless process for office managers and field workers alike to increase their productivity. Here, we refer to the calculation of labour and equipment costs that are used daily on construction sites.

If you have ever asked yourself, “how much did all the delays cost me on this project?” the app renders the need to do so unnecessary as the answer is provided quickly by it and allows us to focus on explaining to you how it works.

How does the cost calculation feature work?

To calculate the cost, the web app and mobile app work together. You will use the web app to insert the cost/hr of each resource (labour and equipment) and field workers will use the mobile app to insert what time was spent using resources. Based on the cost/hr that was inputted into the web app and the number of hours that was used by each resource, the Excel report will show a total cost for each resource.

Here are the steps to insert the cost/hr for each resource in the web app :

  • Go to “Global Resources” in the menu
  • In the top right corner, change your currency. Just click the “pencil” icon to edit it
  • To add the cost/hr to an existing resource, click the edit icon beside that resource an enter a number
  • To add the cost of a new resource, click to add a new labour or equipment and you will be given an option to add the cost/hr

Site Diary construction report app add resources cost

How to input the time spent with each resource using the mobile app :

  • From the mobile app, click to add a new diary entry
  • On the events report form, click on labour or equipment
  • Click the “+” icon to add a resource. Then you will see a “clock” icon appear beside that resource
  • Click on the “clock” icon to insert the time that we spent using that resource

Site Diary construction report app add resources durations

Note: You can also create a new diary entry by using the web app and input details for the number of hours spent with each resource.

Now you can calculate the total cost per resource and overall project :

  • Log into your web app account
  • Filter all the diary entries you would like to know the cost for. You can filter by date, contractor, tags or user.
  • Click to download an Excel file :

Site Diary construction report app calculate cost excel report

In the Excel file, you will see a tab for labour and equipment. In these tabs, you will see columns for the resource, duration, equipment price/hr and the total cost of that resource. The cost tab multiplies the number of hours by the cost per hour of each resource.