Health & Safety 07-05-2018
Finding a solution for efficient construction health and safety management to reduce risk

Successful delivery of a construction project depends on requirements relating to risk defined in a contract being satisfactorily met, including the risk of adverse effects on worker health and safety

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Site Diary App 05-24-2018
The multiple productivity benefits of using Site Diary, including cost savings

The Site Diary web app and mobile app by Script&Go provides a raft of benefits beyond cost-savings for its users. Discover some of these here...

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New release 03-16-2018
Site Diary's new Timesheet feature release

Script&Go’s Site Diary app has release a new construction timesheet feature to help managers to better track/manage working hours and site workers to enter their times quickly on the go...

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Best construction apps of 2018 by category (updated)

With so many construction apps to choose from, it can be time consuming to download an app then see if you like the app or if it solves your need ...

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New release 01-16-2018
Calculating the cost of your construction resources using Site Diary

Script&Go has released a new feature for their Site Diary app to calculate the cost of project resource expenditure.

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Site Diary App 10-04-2017
How to use Site Diary App

Learn how easy it is to use our Site Diary app and what you should do to get started smoothly. Our goals, is to help construction workers have a smooth transition from paper to digital site diary.

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Site Diary’s daily construction report app new web application features

Site Diary released a new version of its web application to simplify daily construction reports. Our new web application aim is to make this transition from paper to digital seamless...

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6 Crucial Signs That You need To Replace Your Construction Management Software

To remain competitive in your industry, you have to keep up with technological changes. As a business grows and expands, its operations changes and the customer base also expands...

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Does construction apps really simplify our daily work?

When talking about simplifying our lives one must consider the ease of use of the app. “Ease of use” is a term that has been loosely used by the various different construction app providers ...

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Site Diary Reviews 03-07-2017
What are people saying about Site Diary?

Site Diary is one of the most efficient daily construction report app on the market. Our customers gave us some feedbacks about our product on the Capterra website. Here is what some of them had to say ...

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Safety Feature 03-06-2017
Using Site Diary as a safety app on the construction site

Due to this importance on safety, Site Diary app is created to so field workers can record safety incidents, hazards or risk they identify while on site. Here is a conversation to explain you how to use Site Diary as a safety app ...

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Biggest Innovations in Safety in Construction in Recent Times

Safety has always been a major concern for the construction industry. It not only results in huge losses and extra costs for the company, but also results in many injuries and deaths of on-site workers.. ...

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Timesheet Feature 02-27-2017
Using Timesheet feature in Site Diary app

Site Diary is so much more than just a simple diary or report app. It can be used as a timesheet to record the number of hours each member of your team spend on a task or the number of hours they spend at work ...

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Our smartphones should be used to do more than just texting and calling in construction

Smartphones and other mobile devices has become an important part of our daily lives and should be used to improve productivity ...

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Paper to Digital Construction Event Reporting

It is the end of the day and the field worker wrote down all the occurrences on site for the day...

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